Bathe like a Queen

Cleopatra, Elizabeth I of England, Elisabeth of Bavaria, and others have historically acclaimed the beautifying benefits of these baths: Milk & Honey.
Milk baths are said to utilise lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid, to dissolve the proteins which hold together dead skin cells. Which simply means it leaves our skin hydrated and soft.

But not with just any ordinary Milk & Honey – If you are going to indulge in this you might as well do it the super luxe way. Goats milk is the best of it all, and organic goats milk might be your only choice if you are concern what you feed to your skin like me.

The modern sex toys shop Coco de Mer on Monmouth Street Covent Garden used to sell something like as I have described above.

coco fesse milk bath from Coco de mer the luxury erotic shop

coco fesse milk bath from Coco de mer the luxury erotic shop

It was called Coco Fesse Milk Bath. I used to drop half a bag into my huge bath and soak in it for 20 mins once a week. For £16 per 200g bag, it really was a bit overboard. One fine day, I was completely devastated to learn from their shop keeper that they do not sell it any more. Their secretive supplier has stopped the line or ran away ? Anyway. I searched high and low for this and I saw on their customer order book – thickly filled pages of people wanting it. It sadly never came back.

I searched for an alternative over the internet and 6 months later, I found this Esty shop that sells hand made organic goats milk bath soak. Its not as expensive as the Coco De Mer bags. Order is processed quite quickly.
They have milk and honey and the plain milk. It comes in powder form and will dissolve in hot water. Don’t add anything to it before you have tried it plain at least once.

I have experimented with it adding a few drops of Rose oil. Quite nice. Feels wonderful.

Definitely have the aphrodisiac properties.

If you are a gentleman, do get it for your wife, it’s not really for her, its more for your enjoyment after she has been soaking in it for 20 mins. Use your imagination!

If you are just an ordinary girl, just get it for yourself. WHY NOT?


Best London Deep Fried Chicken

Yes, more chicken – if you don’t want to eat beef and you can’t eat pork, and you don’t like lamb that’s not made by your mom, then eat chicken!

When it comes to Deep Fried Chicken – everyone may think Ah KFC. I am not sure about you, but I can’t bring myself to eat the skin – although all the favour is there. Skin = full of favour but stubbornly stuck to the next yucky layer = FAT. Disgusting flabby fat. Very very yuck if you ask me; and the meat? Dry and hard like the sole of my Dr. Martin’s. So why are there still so many people munching on this stuffs?

Well, I think because they couldn’t find another better more full-bodied flavour and equally crispy alternative. Haha!

Its behind Trocodero.

Its behind Trocodero.

Everyone!!! You ought to give this place a go. I accidentally trod on this dish in this place: Old Tree Daiwan Bee.
If you are not adventurous enough to try authentic Taiwanese street food, then just order their Deep Fried Chicken Breasts. You will not be disappointed.

The mouth-watering flavour falls high on it’s in mouth-coating density (as in Full bodied red wine). Tender juicy chicken breasts pieces coated in a double crunch flavoursome crispy coating – this is Old Tree’s own’s secret recipe. The same intense flavour splashes on your tongue and awaken your taste buds bite after bite – there is no other competitor in the same department for this dish – which seems to be simple in the making but hard to make it right.

I recommend washing it down with a coconut bubble pearl tea, or their lemon juice.

Full of flavour coating

Full of flavour coating

Evenly layered crispiness and flavour.

Evenly layered crispiness and flavour.

Old Tree Daiwan Bee
26 Rupert Street, Soho, London.
(Conventry Street end, next door to a Tattoo Parlour)
Nearest station = Piccadilly Circus.

Best Rotisserie Chicken in SOHO


It has to be CLOCKJACK OVEN.

My Saudi friends would treat themselves to a Harrods roasted baby chicken. So I would go along with them; and not complain; but if you let me take the lead? I would take you to the best chicken place in London – Soho.
Do go early if you didn’t make a reservation, or else there would be a long queue of hungry people.

Waiting for my chicken

Waiting for my chicken

You absolutely must order the chicken, the chilli sauce, the double fried chips, a bottle of coke. Kick aside your low cholesterol diet for these fries, eat one, and you won’t be able to stop. It really isn’t something you want to share either, not even with your mom.

Out of this world Crunch!

Out of this world Crunch!

You will need something strong and fizzy to wash these down with, and I recommend their bottled Coke. I am sure they have thought about this before they put it in their menu. Bottled Coke definitely have more fizz then canned ones.

Didn't want to take photos, I just wanted to sink my teeth into these.

Didn’t want to take photos, I just wanted to sink my teeth into these.

Dip the breast meat into this chilli sauce. YUM

Dip the breast meat into this chilli sauce. YUM

I love the evenly distributed herby sea-salted seasoning or marinated chicks, nicely roasted to perfection and you can just tell those chokes were happy roaming free to run chokes, and not the ones who has been squatted in a 1 X 3 cage and stuffed until death. Meat is tender all the way to the bone. Skin – crispy and full of flavour. It’s been a long long time since I have tasted homely roasted chicken. These are the ones that I would think about and wants to eat it even for breakfast again the following day – no kidding.

You just have to try it.

Smoked Salmon Slices

Don’t buy them in packets in Waitrose or Sainsbury if you want to impress someone or reward yourself for being extra hardworking. You must stroll to Harrods Food Hall on ground level, head towards the Poutry & Seafood area and stand in a queue in front of the counter that sells hand sliced smoke salmon. I like mine infused with Vodka. But you can try other flavours or even just plain ones. The key to all of this is that money do count. The higher the price its really the better it is. Once you have tasted this, you will never want to eat another piece out of those packages.

My Grandma & Daddy loves smoked salmon, and they both knows what’s the best of the best. We used to be pulled out of bed on the first day of Harrods BIG SUMMER SALE. Granny will make us scoff down liquid breakfast in olympic record time, and directed us to Harrods Food Hall. She would say:”I don’t want anything else, just get me TEN whole Scottish Wild Smoked Salmon each!” Each meaning each of us, and there were 4 of us always. She told us to run, never walk; because she knows people with good taste like herself would be there early just to buy it all. Those were the days when one whole salmon cost only £10. We have been doing this since we were 12 years old, from £10 each to £99.90 each…and still going, until – they do not sell them anymore.

If Harrods have ran out (which they do often.) You will then need to run to Fortnum & Mason. RUN don’t walk, because all the regular Harrods customers who love this stuffs would have of course already been chauffeur driven down to Piccadilly. So RUN!

Summer Isles Foods packs Smoked Salmon in vacuumed packed bags – but it’s not wild. OK for entry level though.
Those thickly sliced and chunky Balik Salmon pieces from Caviar House & Prunier that they serve us on CX first class is also not up to scratch. Hates it.
Worse Salmon = Canadian, Alaskan – they do not know what they are doing with it. Rough.

Scented Rooms

Fill a room with a scent to let visitors wonder, by adding scent to my room, I am able to make my rooms more dramatic, and sometimes seduce my prey.

Highly promoted successfully launched globally – French brand Diptyque has been on my 2 (shop without needing to see the price tag) cousins’ shopping list forever, I was told to get it. Just get it PLEASE! It didn’t quite make the cut for me though, I prefer this other brand: Cire Trudon. Cire Trudon also from France, it has a longer history in making candles, their candles are more solid, carries more natural scent and longer lasting. It fills my rooms subtly with it’s scents, and allows my imagination to wonder.

My HK friend Sylvia is a Jo Malone Guru. She said: “I love it, you can mix and match and make your own scent.”
Umm.. honestly, I walk past their Sloane Street shop everyday, and not once have I been convinced to buy any. I am not quite sure why, but I already do mix other brands to get what I want.

When I go to my Asia hub for my summer vacation, I like to mix and spray Penhaligons perfumes. Spicy tones with Woody scent transform my earthly tones room into a chamber. Hong Kong time becomes tudor times! Loves it!

My favourites are: Iris Prima – I just spray it everywhere.
For thick draped room, 4 poster bed effect, use Elixir.
Velvety luxe/lusty seduction mood, Malabah ! It will transform your prey whom you have already lured into your chamber willingly strip for you and be made love to. Turns shy ladies into lusty bitches and gentlemen into passionate beasts!
I spray my bathroom with LP No9 and my mom says: “umm, I want this scent! What is it?” My mother is very picky, she doesn’t just like anything, especially not with scents. So if she loves it, then who wouldn’t?

For the less adventurous and general use:
To eliminate unwelcome odour, I use RAIN or Saltwater or Sea or Hawaii from Demeter Fragrance Library